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2/14/18 - Hellebores: Minnesota's First Blooming Perennials

By: Brenda Neuenfeldt

Are you looking for a plant to pair with your tulips and daffodils, or adding to the shady area between your hostas and ferns?

You should try hellebores.

Known as Hellebore Orientalis, hellebores are an evergreen flowering plant that consists of 20 species. Despite names of Christmas rose, Lenten rose, and Stinking rose, they are not part of the rose family.

Hellebores have rose-like blossoms that are among the earliest flowers to bloom come springtime.

This plants’ hardiness will vary with each species, but most hellebores are rated Zones 4-9. In Zones 6-9, they can bloom outdoors at Christmas time. In our colder zones, hellebores are the first perennials to break through the frozen ground and to bloom in the spring; their foliage will remain attractive into the summer, so they are suitable for splashy, mass plantings.

Hellebores come in virtually any color you want: white, green, pink, apricot, and purple, to name just a few. These plants can have a single, double, or star-shaped flower, while the flower edges can be a different color than the inside with veining on the outside.

When hellebores are in bloom, they can reach heights of up to 2 ft. and spread up to 1 1/2 ft. wide.

Growing Tips: The crown should be just covered by soil; planting too deep inhibits flower production.

Soil: Generally, they enjoy slightly neutral to acidic soils, high in organic matter. They value a yearly application of well-rotted manure or compost to encourage strong growth. Although they like some moisture, don't let them sit in wet soil for prolonged periods of time or they will rot.

Clean up is done in the spring by removing all the dead and tattered foliage before new growth appears. Cover them for protection in the fall and leave them until spring.

Although plants may take time to settle in, they rarely need division. They self-sow, but you may want to discourage this tendency, not only to keep the garden tidy but also to prevent seeds from sowing themselves into the crowns of other plants. Also, don’t expect the seedlings to be true to the parent.

Sun Exposure: These are shade garden plants, preferring partial to full shade. They can handle spring sun, but plant them in a spot that will become shadier as trees and other plants flush out. They also complement foundation plantings and are ideal for woodland gardens and rock gardens.

Pests and Problems: They are generally pest-free but watch for slugs and aphids, along with black spots on older plants of three years or more. There are no fungicides specifically designed to treat black spot, but most fungicides will help control the problem. The best solution is to clear away all older leaves in November to December to stop the spreading to new growth.

Many hellebores are poisonous, and are left alone by animals such as rabbits and deer due to the fact that leaves produce poisonous alkaloids. These alkaloids have been known to sometimes bother gardeners with sensitive skin.

Garden Design Tips: When purchasing a hellebore, the best way to ensure you are getting what you want is to buy it in bloom. Look for colors that are clear and un-muddied by too much green in the flower, unless you are doing green by design.

At our Stillwater location we will be carrying four hellebores: Windcliff Slaty Blue, Ivory Prince, Pink Frost, and Winter Jewels Painted Double. Like the rest of our perennials, we will be stocking them at the end of April to the beginning of May, perfect as a focal point in your summer gardens.




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2/8/18 - Product Feature: 3 New Landscape Items for Spring

This spring, add these three new products to make your landscape stand out.

1. BARN PLANK - Tiles and Steps 

Pictured here in Cedar, Barn Plank also comes in Espresso and Weathered Gray color selections.

Barn Plank looks like real timber and provides the durability of concrete - the perfect mix.

This new wet cast concrete product is designed to resemble weathered white pine with soft edges, deep splits and detailed grain on the top and sides. But unlike natural wood, it never needs to be stained, sealed or treated, nor do you have to worry about it rotting, warping, or peeling over time.

This Barn Plank step, in Espresso, matches the realistic wood-like details of the tiles.

Available in three different sizes - small, medium and large - mix and match Barn Plank tiles to give your outdoor space a brand new feel. This product gives you the natural, rustic and weathered appeal you've been looking for, while also providing a contemporary version that doesn't age with exposure.



Belgian Cobble pavers come in two color options, Moonlight and Midnight - the first pictured here.

Belgard describes their new product's look as "natural stones pulled from a bed of a mountain creek."

Pieced together with seven unique shapes, Belgian Cobble is an assortment of random rectangular stones that together look like a neat throwback to the cobblestone roadways of 19th century Europe.

This versatile paver system can be used for your walkways, patios, driveways and pools.


3. STACKED SLATE SPILLWAY WALL - Landscape Fountain Kit

Adding Aquascape's Garden and Pond LED Spotlight Kit to your fountain provides a glow at night.

After two patio products to start, this list wouldn't be complete without highlighting a water feature. 

The new Stacked Slate Spillway Wall looks and feels like real stone, also aging naturally over time, but its unique fiberglass-resin construction is designed to provide you with a light and versatile alternative.

Available in both 32" and 19" segments that can be stacked atop one another, together standing at just over four feet, this product is perfect as a standalone display, an accent piece in ponds and waterfalls, or as a cornerpiece in a backyard garden or patio. The placement options are endless due to the fountain's durability and two-part makeup, making it simple to put together, transport and easily enjoy.

What better time than this spring to get a fresh start by adding a calming and beautiful new product to your outdoor space? After all, relaxing sights and sounds are pivotal to good health and happiness.

The landscape fountain kit comes ready to install with 3 sections of fountain tubing, an Ultra 2000 energy-efficient water pump and an AquaBasin 45 sub-surface reservoir. Wall risers not included.




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1/30/18 - Meet the Mink: Minnesota's Fiercest Angler

By: Brenda Neuenfeldt

From the Author: Happy end to January! I hope your fish have made it through the freeze and with Groundhog Day only a few days away, I hope this means we only have six weeks left until spring.

While our fish are still in winter hibernation I want to point out a predator that most pond owners are not aware of and do not realize we have in the Twin Cities until it’s too late - the American Mink.

Mink, weasels and martens are members of the Mustelidae (weasel family), which also includes otters, skunks, fishers, ferrets, wolverines and badgers. It can sometimes be difficult to make a definite identification with mink, weasels and martens, in particular, especially if you are a distance away and only get a quick glimpse. Thus, there are two main differences to look for: size and coloration.

The American Mink may look fluffy and cute, but it can also be quite scrappy and sassy.

Identifying the Mink:

  • Mink are larger than weasels in body length; the adults weigh 2 to 4 pounds.
  • Their fur is light to dark brown, with a white underside and small round ears.
  • Their legs are short, but they have a long body (14 to 20 inches long) and tail.
  • They have webbed feet to help them swim up to 100 feet under water.
  • They are always close to a water source and a common site along lakeshore homes.
  • These are very versatile animals and can be found anywhere from Florida to the Artic.
  • Predators: otters, coyotes, bobcats, large owls, parasites, diseases and human trappers.

Mink are fierce fighters that scream, hiss and spit when approached or in defense. And like other members of the weasel family, they emit a pungent odor when provoked. As a carnivore, they eat about any type of animal that lives in or near water including snakes, frogs, ducks, crayfish, eggs, lizards, grubs, earthworms, rabbits, mice, chipmunks and muskrats. They are nocturnal and are rarely seen; however, in winter their tracks are often encountered on frozen marshes where they travel from one muskrat house to another while hunting.


















And now to the point of this article: protecting your fish.

Of all the critters that prey on fish in your ponds, mink are the most difficult to detect and to deter.

Knowing that they are around and that they are a predator is the first step in solving the problem. Like otters, mink are fond of fish. Unlike otters, their vision is not well adapted for hunting underwater.

So, how do you know if you have a mink problem?

Signs That a Mink is Lurking:  

  • Mink must drag bigger fish out of the water, meaning scales will be left behind.
  • Footprints on hard surfaces. Check in early morning before the markings evaporate.
  • Animal droppings. Mink scat is long and twisted, resembling a braided rope.
  • Unlike a raccoon, nothing else will be disturbed around the pond from a mink.
  • If the fish are spooked, then there is a good chance that a predator has been after them.


How to Fend off Your Unwanted Intruder:

If you do have a mink problem, one suggestion is to dye your pond black. Dye is something you need to keep on hand before a problem arises or it could spell certain death for more fish the next night. Once mink find a good source of food, they will be back in successive nights until the food source is gone. 

For those of you who kept fish in the pond over the winter and suspect you have had a mink visit, cover the circulation hole with 1/2 to 1-inch hardware cloth or chicken wire. Make sure to remove it before the ice melts or try to find the cloth or wire when you do a pond cleanout in the spring.

Another solution is to permanently remove the mink. Trapping may not be what you prefer to do, but it will work. Contact your local pest control or DNR workers to make sure that you can legally do this, or contact the local trapper’s association to see if they are willing to help or give you their expertise. Another alternative during the summer is to use a 12-inch-high electric mesh fence to keep them out.

Here are a few links that might be able to help if you have a problem:







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1/14/18 - Closing the Gap: The Importance of Bridges

By: Dee Campbell

From the Author: Before working for Hedberg Supply, I spent eight plus years building water features. I hope you all enjoy reading this post, my first Aquatic Addiction blog entry, and I look forward to providing more first-hand insight in future editions. If you have any suggestions or subjects you would like to learn more about, please let us know in the comments section at the bottom of this post.

Ponds have always been my favorite landscape feature in any yard; they are what can make an outdoor space come together by giving you interconnecting paths running through it. But as many ways as there are to design and construct bridges the right way, there are just as many ways to leave something left to be desired if not planned and executed correctly. This article will address some of the most common bridge types to add to your backyard ponds, including what could be just right for your peaceful setting.

Wooden Bridges (Affordable)

Made of all scrap pieces, this bridge project took less than a single day to build.

I always recommend a traditional wooden bridge for a nice, classic look; it is by far the most affordable option, easy to build yourself, and gives you the Renaissance appearance you may desire. As a cautionary tale, however, the biggest error you will see with these kind of bridges is a transition issue. It’s important to note that if you don’t install the bridge flush, it can cause a trip hazard and doesn’t look as attractive as it could provided more detail during the installation process.

Flagstone Bridges

Here, the transition is extra important since it is blending with a paver patio.

Where wood is a great natural choice, nothing is more fitting in an outdoor landscape than flagstone – one of the most commonly utilized flat rocks. But because you are dealing with such a large piece of natural stone and more intensive labor, it generally comes with a higher price tag. Having installed a countless number of flagstone projects, it is never a onetime place-and-done deal; for example, during the project pictured we did the bridge first and then started the paver patio right in front of the step to make certain we kept it level throughout.

Your wall building technique has to be different with flagstone. Since you will be putting up such a heavy rock that should be able to support the weight of at least two people, it is important to build a double wall using only 18”+ rocks. After installing it, leave the forks attached to the chains, keeping it loose. Next, have someone go on the bridge and jump on it a few times. It’s always important to find out during installation if it can’t support weight, because after you go past the bridge and start laying out the stream, you won’t be able to go back. Most importantly, don’t place these rocks by hand or use the forks from underneath. It is always easier and safer to feed chains underneath your flagstone, then lifting and moving them with your forks on your skidsteer.

Example of a Bad Install


Taking out the magic eight ball and predicting the future is hard. This kind of bridge is always better to install during the initial build, eliminating the risk of the level being off and having a floating rock.

Stepping Stone (Most Natural Look)

As long as you secure the rock, this is by far the easiest option.

If you are trying to build a pond that looks as natural as possible, this is by far the best option. Obviously, you will never find a wooden bridge in a natural environment – and the natural rock bridge is a rare event at best. Simply pick out some flat rocks, dotting those in the stream in an easy-stepping distance for all ages.

Bridge to Step (Breaking Transition Rules)


Landscaping has never been known as a black and white trade; sometimes breaking the rules can be needed when blending your bridge into steps. It does make things look a lot nicer if you have the bridge start as a large step going up to more steps, giving it a smoother look, but you can also do the bridge flush and then start the step up.



A pond without bridges is the same as a pond without water; if you don’t create pathways and bridges, kids and animals will create their own. This can lead to a wall collapsing on you or a serious injury.






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1/2/18 - 2018 Northern Green Launches Hedberg's New Year

A sneak peek of Hedberg Supply's 2018 Northern Green setup, located at Booth #1201.

Again in 2018, Hedberg Supply is beginning the new year at the annual Northern Green trade show, housed at the Minneapolis Convention Center from January 2-4.

Hedberg's theme this year is "Innovation Destination: Let us Help You Stand Out."

The booth features a collection of new and innovative products such as porcelain pavers, clay pavers, brick, natural wall stones, and more - a place where you can plan your entire 2018 with Hedberg. Mingle with personable staff, get an up close and personal look at industry-best supplies, and begin to explore the possibilities that await your business in the coming year.




Tuesday: 4:00pm - 6:30pm

Wednesday: 10:00am - 5:00pm

Thursday: 9:00am - 4:00pm




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12/14/17 - Aquatic Addiction: It all Starts with H20


Hello, friends!

Welcome to Hedberg Supply’s brand-new feature blog, Aquatic Addiction.

With the creation of Aquatic Addiction, your bimonthly pond resource, it’s our hope that you will discover a newfound passion for water gardening through Hedberg’s informative, inspiring storytelling. Whether you wish to begin a new hobby, take your skills to the next level, or merely want to learn something new – our expert team is here to lead the way.

While we strive to cover all the basics at the surface, our goal is to dive deeper than you have ever gone before, evolving your curiosity into a pure aquatic fascination!

What do you Know, it all Starts with H20

Now that it’s midway through December, there are some things you need to be aware of in the coming months that all pond owners face this time of year.

The most common being water evaporating in your pond.

If you have been losing water due to regular evaporation, a completely normal incidence during winter, it’s pivotal that you keep your pond filled as close to the maximum capacity level as possible. While you may already have an effective plan in place for refilling your pond, homeowners generally utilize their outside spigot or the tap in their basement laundry room. Please keep in mind that if your tap water source comes from the city in which you live, that chlorine and chloramine resides in your water, both toxic agents that can harm or kill fish living within your pond.

To purify your tap water, we recommend mixing Aquascape Pond Detoxifier directly into your water.

Hedberg Supply carries 3 sizes of pond detoxifier and a refill pouch. These products are not temperature sensitive, able to be used during the coldest parts of winter.

In coordination with regularly checking your water levels throughout the winter, you will also want to make sure your pump/aerator is operating properly, ensuring that your pond is receiving the right amount of oxygen intake below the surface. It’s always recommended that you make a habit of checking that your equipment is functioning properly.

Another outcome when temperatures drop is ice buildup from the movement of water, which can also prevent the emission of oxygen into your pond.

If there is a large amount of ice over your pump/aerator do not break the ice with a potentially destructive tool, as this can harm your fish or break or damage your pump. Instead, utilize a cordless drill by drilling holes into the ice dome, letting oxygen in. Be sure to check your pond deicer so that it doesn’t get frozen in the ice while not working efficiently.


Finally, LET IT SNOW. The natural insulation helps to keep your pond warmer, and without snow, the ice will freeze harder.



The National Weather Service predicts a colder than average winter for the Twin Cities, with more precipitation than normal. If this affects your area, make sure snow doesn’t cover your pump/aerator or deicer, or it will eventually suffocate the remaining oxygen in your pond.






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12/5/17 - Winter Master Class Series Returns to Hedberg


Hedberg Supply is thrilled to be bringing back winter training to contractors in 2018, the 3rd annual Master Class Series returning to Plymouth, Minnesota from January 9 - March 1.

This year's 15-class schedule features speakers from industry professionals such as Aquascape, Belgard, Buechel Stone, Cemstone, Hedberg Supply, Oldcastle, and SRW Products.

All classes will go from 9am - 12:30pm with lunch, giveaways and a mini trade show included at each session.

To view the full schedule and to register for specific classes, visit hedbergsupply.com/mcs or contact Alex Nelson at anelson@hedbergsupply.com or by phone at (763) 225-0584.

We hope to see you at Hedberg in the new year!




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11/16/17 - Hedberg's Holiday Gifts: Wine Racks, Coasters & More


Are you looking for the perfect gifts to give this holiday season?

If so, you've come to the right place.

Hedberg Supply primarily offers bulk landscape and masonry products around the Twin Cities metro area and western Wisconsin, but you can also find unique retail items such as natural stone wine racks, natural stone coasters, natural stone candle holders, and Willow Sticks.

While Hedberg has pre-made products available in store, you can also make your gifts personalized by selecting from a wide inventory of Hedberg stone to be used for your natural stone art pieces.


Natural Stone Wine Racks

Hand-cut natural stone at Hedberg, this product is made for both tabletops and to be displayed as standalone art.

Hedberg offers the following:

- 1 Hole

- 3 Hole

- 4 Hole

- 5 Hole

- 7 Hole

- 10 Hole

- 12 Hole






Natural Stone Coaster Sets

Comprised of ultra-durable stone, this product is offered in various shapes, sizes, and finishes.

Whether you enjoy a can of soda, a glass of egg nog or cider, or your favorite cocktail over the holidays, Hedberg's stone coasters provide one of the most dependable and visually distinct resting spots for your favorite drinks.

Browse our selection in person to discover the ideal circle, square, or jagged-cut coasters for you or your special someone.





Natural Stone Candle Holders

Designed for use with tea light candles, Hedberg's 3-hole natural stone candle holders are suited for your end tables, dining room tables, coffee tables, and fireplace mantels this holiday season.

It doesn't get better than candles creating the warm ambience you cherish with family and friends this time of year.





Willow Sticks

Made with natural wood, these fireplace and fire pit pokers can be utilized both indoors and outdoors, making for a great year-round gift.

Not only do they extend long enough to provide you with comfort during use, but they're also equipped with a bottle opener.

Each stick is marked with its own attractive green-brown look, ensuring one-of-a-kind character that is sure to impress any recipient.








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11/2/17 - Phase 2 Begins at Hedberg's Outdoor Inspiration Center

Workers dig on-site to start phase 2 in the Outdoor Inspiration Center this week.

Before the ground fully freezes during the Minnesota winter, the Hedberg Supply team has been busy starting the second phase of the Outdoor Inspiration Center project in Plymouth.

Having broken ground on the build back in fall of 2015 - the first phase featuring outdoor living elements such as natural stone, paver patios, retaining walls, outdoor kitchens, outdoor fireplaces, water features and more - the next installation will only add to the look and feel of what's already in place.

The second phase of the project will create another outdoor showcase, consisting of seated retaining walls, decorative rocks and boulders, as well as designated outdoor fire pit areas.

The initial boulders are laid to create what will be one of the seated retaining walls.

Hedberg Supply invites you to visit the Outdoor Inspiration Center during winter business hours (M-F, 7:30-4:30), as the progress continues at our Plymouth headquarters.

Please stay tuned for more updates!



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10/17/17 - Breck School Students Discover Hedberg

The smiling faces of Breck School pose for a picture with Mike Greeney, of Hedberg Supply.

Students from Breck School, a pre-k-12 private independent institution located in the Minneapolis suburb of Golden Valley, recently visited Hedberg Supply's Plymouth headquarters on a cool fall day in mid-October.

Two separate groups gathered throughout the day, one in the morning and another after noon, touring the Plymouth yard and learning about the landscaping industry in a fun-filled environment.

A Breck School student looks under the microscope at rocks from Hedberg Supply.

With students and teachers along for the tour of the facility, [Mike] Greeney, one of the most tenured Hedberg staff members, showed visitors the Outdoor Inspiration Center. The outside portion of the tour showcased Hedberg's bulk landscape supplies such as fountains, outdoor kitchens, outdoor fireplaces, patio pavers, retaining walls and collections of natural stone.

The most enjoyable part of the day for the students was discovering the unique varieties of rocks Hedberg has to offer, however, as they looked under microscopes to discover characteristics that make up each type.

Together, members from Hedberg and Breck School joined one another for a day full of smiles, laughs and education that will not soon be forgotten.

To schedule your school's visit to Hedberg's Plymouth, Farmington or Stillwater locations, contact the appropriate Hedberg Supply branch to plan your trip.



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10/11/17 - 5 Steps to Prepare Your Pond for Winter


While the bite of fall becomes crisper by week, the progression toward winter is noticeably well underway in Minnesota and beyond. This means if you have an outdoor pond at your home or business, especially if it’s stocked with a species of fish (like Koi), now is the time to prepare for the cold.

Here’s Hedberg Supply’s five steps to best prepare and care for your pond this winter:  

Remove Debris:

With fall comes the potential for leaves falling directly into your water feature, which can be harmful to the health and cleanliness of your water. As a result, we recommend using a protective pond net or handheld net to keep your fish in and other objects out, making sure that leaves and other debris don’t settle in the bottom of your pond.

Product Suggestion: Aquascape Protective Pond Netting


Trim Plants:

Like the aforementioned leaves, aquatic plants need to be kept out of your water, therefore it’s best to trim dead foliage to avoid the plants decomposing. By taking this step, not only do your surrounding plants get a healthy start for their next bloom, but you also ensure that your pond appears neat and well taken care of.  

Add Bacteria:

Because of the cooler temperatures and ice cover that comes with winter, your pond doesn’t get the nutrients it normally does when it’s exposed to open air in spring, summer and fall. That’s why adding good bacteria is a key element in maintaining nutrient-rich water, giving your water feature and the live species within it what they need to flourish.

Product Suggestion: Aquascape Cold Water Bacteria

Manage Waterfall:

If your water feature has a waterfall, it’s time to decide: Do you want to keep it running during the winter, or do you prefer to turn it off? If you choose to keep it running, it’s important that you make sure your waterfall doesn’t form ice dams by continuously adding water to combat evaporation. If you choose to turn your waterfall off for the winter, however, you should remove your pump from the filter and store it in a frost-free location until spring.


Protect Fish:

As is the case with any living species, Koi and other fish need a steady flow of oxygen to survive in your outdoor pond. But when ice forms on the surface for the duration of winter, the oxygen supply is decimated, meaning you need to provide another source to let it in. Thanks to Aquascape’s pump and floating de-icer products, you can be assured that your fish will be healthy during the most extreme winter conditions with an open-air hole allowing outside oxygen to make its way into your fish habitat.

Product Suggestion: Aquascape AquaForce 2700 Pump, Aquascape Floating De-Icer


We invite you to shop at Hedberg Supply for all of your pond needs, including the products referenced in this article.



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10/4/17 - KolorLast Hardscape Protectant Interlock Pavers

KolorLast, treating pavers during the manufacturing process, is applied at Interlock Concrete Products in Jordan, Minnesota.

There's nothing worse than investing in something brand new just to have it look used in a hurry.

For patio and driveway pavers in the midwest, especially Minnesota, this is a natural reality when seasonal outdoor changes bring cooler temperatures, snow and salt, rain and ice, and regular dirt and sun exposure.

The answer to these aforementioned threats: KolorLast Hardscape Protectant.

KolorLast, a treatment applied to Interlock pavers by Rochester Concrete Products - a Hedberg Supply vendor - is utilized to maintain product color and original appearance, resisting weather's most detrimental elements.

The treatment is pivotal in maintaining the very look you fell in love with when you first saw it on display. 

This image shows the difference between the top, treated with KolorLast, and the bottom, without the application of KolorLast, after one year's time.

Said to have been used primarily in Europe for the last decade, KolorLast has been a leading integration of RCP for nearly two years, and is stocked at all three Hedberg Supply Landscape + Masonry locations.

View our video to learn more about KolorLast Hardscape Protectant.



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9/25/17 - Hedberg Donates Stone in Honor of Jacob Wetterling

Mike Setran, of Jager Outdoors/M.A. Apparel & Promotions, Inc., poses with Patty Wetterling.

A stone with everlasting etchings now stands solid at the hole #1 tee of the kid's course at Maple Grove's Rush Creek Golf Club, forever promoting a lifelong message for all to embrace.

Its purpose: To honor the life of Minnesota's own, Jacob Wetterling, who was the subject of an abduction-homicide at the age of 11 back in 1989.

Donated by Hedberg Supply after the Twin Cities-based company was approached by [Mike] Setran, who was in search of an engraver for the Just For Kids Foundation, the original Cape Stone monument displays what are known as "Jacob's 11 Traits."

It reads the following:

This stone has been donated by the Just For Kids Foundation to honor Jacob Wetterling’s commitment to a better world. Let Jacob’s 11 Traits be etched in stone so that both his loving memory and his values live forever.

1. Be fair

2. Be kind

3. Be understanding

4. Be honest

5. Be thankful

6. Be a good sport

7. Be a good friend

8. Be joyful

9. Be generous

10. Be gentle with others

11. Be positive

Setran, who spearheaded the project in conjuction with the Just For Kids Foundation and the Jacob Wetterling Resource Center, came up with the stone enshrinement idea as well as the words that would be carved into it - both being approved by the aforementioned parties.

The Cape Stone fixture was presented to Jacob Wetterling's mother (pictured) and brother, Patty and Trevor, with Mrs. Wetterling saying it was the "nicest tribute ever to Jacob."

For more, read FOX 9's full story from Friday, September 22nd.



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9/18/2017 - NEW PRODUCT: The Versatile Sterling Block by BELGARD


Hedberg Supply is excited to announce we are stocking BELGARD’s brand new product, Sterling Block, at each of our Plymouth, Farmington and Stillwater locations.

Designed to be used for both retaining walls and freestanding walls, this creation features a pin system utilized to lock stacked blocks in place – not unlike others in the industry – however, it’s guaranteed to be much more versatile.

How so, you ask?

For starters, Sterling Block by BELGARD is equipped with extended handles built right into the block, making it easier for contractors and do-it-yourselfers to lift and set individual pieces in place. Additionally, various inner groove markings simplify the designing, splitting and aligning process, giving consumers more options when completing a project.

Each block measures six inches high and 18 inches wide, or three-quarters of a square foot. The Sterling Block will be offered in Desert Tan and Quail colors initially in 2017, with BELGARD scheduled to also add Charcoal Brown at a date to be determined in 2018.

Contact Hedberg Supply for Sterling Block pricing and additional details by calling 763-545-4400, or visit any of our locations to see this product as well as many other landscape and masonry supplies.

Watch our Facebook Video Release



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8/30/17 - Pondemonium '17: Putting Purpose into Action


Traveling from Hedberg Supply’s suburban Minneapolis headquarters to Saint Charles, Illinois, a western suburb of Chicago, a trio of company employees made the six-hour journey together to the third-largest city in America Wednesday to Friday, August 23 to 25.  

Their destination: 901 Aqualand Way, the home of Aquascape, Inc.

“The building was amazing, there were ponds everywhere,” said Matt Cook, in his first year as Hedberg Supply’s Sales Manager. “There was a swimming pond where you could stand over a veranda and watch people dive from the waterfalls, and they had ponds surrounding the building full of Koi and turtles.”

It was the stunning outdoor views that first attracted Cook and cohorts at what was the 19th annual Pondemonium gathering this year, the 2017 event again welcoming professionals from all over the world to what is tabbed “the premier educational and networking event for the water garden industry.”


But as the Hedberg team would quickly come to find out, their weekend would have more to do with personal growth as industry professionals than that of beautifully designed water features.

Friday’s speech by Aquascape owner and CEO, Greg Wittstock – also known as “The Pond Guy” – really stood out to Cook and highlighted his own experience at the event.

“He talked about a purpose-driven business,” he said, expanding on the theme for Pondemonium 2017.

“It was very inspiring, there was hardly any discussion around ponds. It was all about people coming together, building community and how the Aquascape contractors come together as a community.”

In addition to Wittstock’s firsthand account of how his own company gives back to others, most notably providing water to third-world countries, select attendees were also chosen to share their thoughts on what has served them well and has allowed them to grow their successful businesses to date.

From the United States to Scotland to Australia, every personal account held unforgettable value.

“It was really neat to hear all the different stories from all the different contractors from across the nation and other parts of the world,” Cook shared, returning enlightened. “It was really big on growing people, listening to them and setting goals. It was very inspiring and opened a lot of doors in my mind.”

Among the lessons he brought back with him to the Twin Cities, Cook hopes to apply them at Hedberg Supply for the years to come.

“What I liked best about it was it was all about inspiring people and finding purpose in their life. When you do that you don’t need to do a whole lot more…everybody shows up.”



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8/14/17 - Fall Fixings: Making the Most of the Season


It probably seems hard to believe, but fall isn't all that far away.

Mixed feelings? Us too...

With fewer days of sun becoming more frequent and green leaves turning to colorful palettes of reds, yellows and oranges, there's A LOT for Midwesterners to look forward to. That long list includes cooler days, a welcomed change in fashion and decor, and figurative warmth.

THE QUESTION: How do you get the most out of the season in the landscaping world?

Here's a few thoughts to help you transition your landscape in advance of one of the best times of the year. Fall, like your vehicle's rear-view mirror indicates of objects, is closer than it may appear.

Let Color Take Charge

Did somebody say color? Well, you can say it again. Above all else, the best thing you can do for your home's curb appeal as September 22nd approaches - being the first official day of fall - is to let these natural outdoor hues stand out entirely. While there's a number of ways to do this efficiently, we suggest using neutral-colored stone hardscapes (like patio pavers, retaining wall block, and fireplaces) to make those tree leaves pop. And when those very leaves fall to the ground, you will truly uncover the secret to the season by letting the colors breed contrast.


Add Trees and Shrubs

If you want healthy and vibrant foliage come spring, fall is the perfect time for new plantings to your garden or backyard before the winter freeze begins. For this, a good deal of planning is involved, and the time to put those plans into action is NOW. Whether you want to integrate more privacy to your space with evergreens, or if you determine that a flowering tree is the answer to future attractiveness, then the next three months are pivotal to shaping your look.

Not to mention, green is fresh and lively during the dead of fall.


Light up the Night

There's no way around it...darkness comes earlier as the days get shorter, but that shouldn't keep you inside during those beautiful fall nights we've all grown to love and cherish. With Kichler outdoor lighting products, which we supply at Hedberg, you can make your walkways, patios, water features, and gardens shine at any hour of the night. Fall is ideal for lanterns, giving your landscape a seasonal feature, but many other accent light styles can make you glow this fall.


Bring the Warmth Outside

Not only is bonfire smoke one of the best nostalgic aromas there is, it also emits an overwhelming feeling of relaxation. That's what fall is all about. Cozy up to a fire pit or outdoor fireplace by night to get the most out of the fall season, joining family and friends in conversation and s'mores at the comfort of your own home. What more could you ask for?



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7/31/17 - Landscape Boulders: Small Details Make Biggest Differences


How many times have you looked at a project featuring landscape boulders and soon wondered "why did they pick those," and "what other options did they have to choose from?"

Both are questions you should ask yourself when it comes time for you to buy.

Truth is these big rocks can be the centerpiece of a great design, meaning landscape boulders should carry more weight in your decision making than just grabbing and placing. Read further as we dig deeper than what lies on the surface, making your rock formations shine.

Make the Most Natural Selection

It's apparent that boulders come in various shapes, sizes and color combinations, and the trick as a consumer is to make your purchases based off what will look the most natural in your setting. It's important that your stone selections blend in with the preexisting landscape from the ground up. Now that's not to say that contrasting colors (for example, dark black boulders paired with light brown mulch) shouldn't be displayed together, but of great importance is staying true to your design theme by keeping your style consistent throughout the creation.

Find the Most Unique Piece

The best part about rocks is what we've already mentioned; they might have dominant similarities, but no rock is exactly the same as the next. Take advantage of this by carefully considering each individual piece you choose. Whether you want a boulder that has sharp-cut edges as opposed to rounded curves, or one that appears weathered in comparison to the other that is nearly unblemished, there could always be a better choice...it's up to you to find the gem of the pile.

Consider Going Outside the Box

Especially if you're attempting to add a touch of nature to your landscape, a good way to do this is by adding a bubbling rock water feature (pictured), a water foutain and outdoor lighting to your space. In addition to maximizing the natural elements that rocks provide, drawing attention to their strongest features (color, texture and size) can create a sense of calmness and artistry, giving you a sense of pride when family, friends and passerbys take a second look at what you've done.


Form More Than Just Rocks

Given the size, strength and durability of landscape boulders, these exterior home decor products are best utilized to create a foundation for something bigger. You can use these large rocks in a number of ways: as borders for walkways and paths, as decorative accents, as part of ponds and waterfalls, and even as barriers. Get creative with your next outdoor landscaping project; with boulders your landscape design options are truly endless.

Visit Hedberg Supply to browse our selection of landscape boulders and more!



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6/22/17 - Gabions: Featuring Hedberg's Rustic Units



It's kind of an odd-sounding word, arguably even funny looking, but it has been a sturdy force in the world of landscaping dating all the way back to ancient Egypt. That's where the idea and integration of gabions originated, constructed and serving primarily as retaining wall structures.

The word in which it stems from, gabbione, means "big cage" in the Italian language.

Today, this is what we have for you, aesthetically pleasing baskets for both of your indoor and outdoor spaces, sold in Hedberg Supply's exclusive rustic finish as well as in silver steel.


The function of gabions goes far beyond their purpose as retaining or privacy walls, doubling as artistic creations and helping provide accents and bringing together your design themes. 

You can utilize these timeless pieces for the following:

  • Balconies
  • Fencing
  • Transitions
  • Monuments
  • Decks
  • Planters
  • Benches
  • Water features (pictured)


As the top supplier of rustic gabions in all of Minnesota, our products are offered in premium or galvanized wire selections, coming in various sizes and formations. Whether you want a square gabion or a tower gabion for your select project, you can choose to fill your structure with your choice of decorative rock, hand selecting size, shape, color and amount preferences.

Visit our page for style and measurement specifics: https://www.hedbergaggregates.com/gabions.cfm



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6/9/17 - Decorative Modular Screen Panels


New isn't always better, but in this case it turned out to be the best.

According to a January article published by Total Landscape Care, the most recent craze in outdoor living retail products is referred to as Outdeco, named "Best Outdoor Living Product 2017" at the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) International Builders Show.

The Australian hardwood-crafted decorative screens have not only been the recipient of top prizes in functionality, but also in design, making for a useful option in any outdoor space.

So what makes this seemingly simple product such a great buy, you ask?


For starters, Outdeco provides you with a good-looking product, giving you a lot of options. This outdoor material carries a modern image, being both slim-framed and far from heavy, while also coming in multiple different styles and colors. Depending on what function you want your Outdeco to serve, and whether you want it featured in your garden, as a fixture in your landscape, or solely for privacy purposes - you can pick a piece that accentuates your preferences. With newness comes sought-after flair, and Outdeco appears to be no exception.


Given our aforementioned description, you might be surprised to find out just how hardy this product really is. Along with being weatherproof, Outdeco is also termite resistant, protected from stains, and the natural hardwood isn't tarnished by bloating or rotting. On top of that, it's sustainably made, manufactured from a renewable source. How could this get any better?


Well, you're in for another treat. With Outdeco, there are no limitations in making your screen one of your own from a creative standpoint, with the ability to craft your own style as part of a DIY project. Cut it to the size you want from its original mold (24x48" or 48x70"), sand it down for a unique finish, add glossy, matte or rustic paint, or even add lighting. It's up to you!

Contact Hedberg Supply at 763-545-4400 to ask about our Outdeco options and pricing for your DIY projects, or stop in to our Plymouth headquarters at 1205 Nathan Lane North to pick up yours today.



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6/1/17 - 2017 Houzz Landscape Trends


On Thursday morning, Hedberg Supply took part in an exclusive online seminar hosted by Houzz - the industry-leading landscape design and home improvement community - coined the Houzz 2017 Landscape Trends webinar.

The 30-minute session covered the following topics:

1) 4 key trends in landscaping this year (front yards, curb appeal, new yards and lighting);

2) what's driving and motivating outdoor projects;

3) what homeowners say are the keys to making their homes stand out;

4) and what outdoor upgrades homeowners care about most.

Based on the objective study, which surveyed 1,000 U.S. homeowners who recently completed an outdoor project, Houzz relayed their own findings to us - and here is our summary of those takeaways for your knowledge and/or enjoyment.

Aiming to create private retreats for an escape

One of the best aspects of owning a home is that you, the homeowners, have the ability to put a personal touch on your properties - from appearance to use of space - and for most that means emphasizing some form of privacy.

And in conjunction with Thursday's webinar, creating seclusion is a trendy pick these days.

According to the information provided by the Houzz experts, there are a lot of ways one can create a barrier, especially when it comes to designing a cozy and relaxing setting outside. Above all else, gardening is atop the list, with 56% of participants claiming they utilized some mixture of shrubs, perennials and trees to enforce privacy within their yards.

Of these aforementioned plants, those being surveyed showcased the ongoing trend of decorating with native species as well as making sure that outdoor design elements matched the style of their exterior home, manufacturing space that naturally hides other surroundings.

Eliminating front yards to enhance curb appeal

For homeowners today, less green space is more when it comes to front yards.

This growing tendency is modernizing the exterior landscape in front of homes, giving properties more uniqueness and making them stand out from the rest of their neighborhood.

Instead of having more grass to mow and treat, homeowners are embracing having less maintenance and upkeep. By eliminating the amount of green space in their front yards, the trend has shifted to landscaping with hardscapes like pavers (54%) and replacing lawns with beds consisting of mulch (44%), gravel (38%), pebbles (34%) and stone slabs (33%).

According to this Houzz study, 2 in 5 people surveyed felt that their front yards appeared diffent, in a more unique way, than that of their neighbors'.

To accomplish this, 47% said they succeeded by building more landscaping beds and borders in what were once front yards occupied by far too much maintenance.

Lighting up the night to extend time outdoors

Especially in Minnesota, where there are more cold months than there are warm, spending the maximum time outdoors during the spring and summer months is a must for happiness.

That's why outside lighting has taken on an all new meaning.

Not only can modern lighting jazz up what used to be an otherwise bland setting, it also naturally functions as a method to clearer and more prolonged visiblity. Today, homeowners are catching on to this one-two punch in a way that has outdoor patios glowing by night. 

In fact, 45% of all outdoor project updates in this study were related to lighting, Houzz informed.

With many different options, like draped tea lights to produce a party-like feel or something as simple as accents on wood steps to create a natural ambiance for improved safety, this trend belongs primarily to the younger generation - those who are drawn to smart home upgrades, Houzz acknowledged.

And by smart we mean the use of remotes or phones, discontinuing the amount of wiring needed to make the lighting systems function properly.

In a world where appearance rules, these cumulative landscape trends above reinforce a push to simpler living practices, placing an emphasis on making homeowning much less of a task.

Welcome to modern America, folks.



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5/31/17 - Less Itching, More Relaxing This Summer


It is almost that time of year again!

As mosquitoes near a pesky return to local backyards this summer, we're revisiting one of our products sold in Hedberg Supply stores, the NuTone Haven Backyard Lighting & Mosquito Repellent System.

Each fixture is equipped with LED lighting and a single mosquito repellent cartridge, designed to be your safety net while you are happily lounging on your patio or deck during the next few months.

With NuTone Haven, an itch-free season can be a reality you never fathomed.


  • The system is odorless and disguised during use, producing no scents or noises.
  • Each light protects 110 square feet; 4 needed to safegaurd an average patio or deck.
  • Good for 195 hours before the green light flashes to notify cartridge needs replaced.
  • Works to protect against all types of mosquitoes, including known carriers of Zika.
  • NuTone Haven is a child-safe product, requiring a screwdriver to open each fixture.

According to NuTone, Haven was tested in Thailand during an extended study, proving to repel over 90 percent of the nightly mosquito population there. Additionally, the company ensures that its system can begin defending against mosquitoes within the first 15 minutes of use.

To learn more about NuTone Haven Backyard Lighting & Mosquito Repellent System product specifics, visit Total Lanscape Care's feature article released Tuesday, May 30.

Photo: The NuTone Haven product setup inside Hedberg Supply's Plymouth location. Pictured separately is the LED light fixture, repellent fixture, NuTone remote control, and brochures.



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5/17/17 - Anoka Tech College Visits Hedberg

STEP Student Tour Builds on Class Project 

Despite rainy conditions Tuesday morning, May 16, seven students were accompanied by two of their teachers from nearby Anoka Technical College, touring Hedberg Supply's Plymouth grounds with the help of David Hedberg - the company's representative tour guide for the day.

Hedberg, the current Masonry City Desk and Stone Shop Supervisor, offered product expertise and fielded questions from the high school-aged students interested in professional careers related to landscaping, as he too first began his career at Hedberg Supply as a high school student.


Tasked with conducting a mock project as a class, from interacting with a client to building a driveway and complete outdoor patio, the students gathered product pricing information and captured pictures throughout the landscape yard. As part of their assignment, visiting Hedberg Supply assisted them in visibly seeing the many options of natural stones available, as well as learning what supplies go into producing a beautiful finished product. 

With Hedberg leading the way, the group made their first stop at the new Outdoor Inspiration Center, showcasing outdoor kitchens, retaining walls, pavers, fire rings, fireplaces and more.


The classmates were also able to go further behind the scenes, getting an up-close look at the masonry fabrication shop, where Hedberg employees do custom stone cuts and shaping for clients. Additionally, the tour included information on how to build an outdoor pond, with the students also visiting the multiple showrooms on campus. 

If your class would like to visit Hedberg Supply, please contact any one of our three operating locations - in Plymouth, Stillwater, and Farmington - and we'd be happy to welcome you for a tour!



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10/21/2016 Hedberg at Northern Green 2017

Hedberg Supply to Exhibit at Northern Green, January 10-12, 2017

Stop by an visit us at Booth #1207, just steps away from one of the entrances. Just look for the Hedberg flag and logo!

The theme of our exhibit this year is Enjoy Life - Relax with Hedberg! Our booth will have multiple seating areas with the goal of encouraging attendees to take a load off while they're walking throughout the show floor in between seminars. Hang out with your sales representative. Enjoy beer and popcorn on Wednesday!

We'll have some new products featured in the booth as always, but the emphasis is on talking about what's important to our contractors in 2017 and going forward.

While you visit, pick up an invitation to the Hedberg 2017 Master Class Series, our FREE training classes for contractors.

Register for your Northern Green tickets.

CEO Track

Hedberg is also sponsoring the CEO Track, a series of seminars for business owners, managers and top-level leaders. Classes include Structural Changes in the Green Industry, Attracting and Retaining Top Level Employees, Developing a Winning Value Proposition and Biophilia and What It Means for the Future Green Industry Marketplace.

Hedberg Supply at Northern Green Expo 2016



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10/13/2016 Contractor Portal Open to Mobile Device Users

All wholesale customers in good standing can now take advantage of the Contractor portal on the web site using your mobile devices.

Just browse to www.hedbergaggregates.com/contractor-sign-in.cfm and enter your same credentials as on a desktop.

If you do not have either a cash or credit account set up with Hedberg yet, please download the CASH ACCOUNT FORM and submit it before registering on our website.

Log in using your contractor profile

Access current wholesale catalogs and pricing

Use the same estimating tools.

You can see the wholesale catalogs, estimating tools, resources, educational programs and current promotions.



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10/13/2016 Fire Sale at Hedberg

Fire Sale, Plus Arbors and Gabions, While Supplies Last

Contractors, get a couple fireplaces to have ready to go for quick end of season projects.

Homeowners, it's time to take advantage of the cool weather and install the fire pit, fireplace or fire boulder you've been waiting for. Get Stone Age customizable components and apply your own masonry finish to complement your backyard oasis, or make your three-season porch a four-season one.

Add an accent piece to your patio with the gabion columns, panels or seating bench.

Download the specials!



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10/12/2016 Water Feature Maintenance and Shutdown Tips


Have you ever noticed that your pond water is clearer in the fall?  This is typically due to cooler temperatures and full, lush plants. To keep your pond looking its best throughout the fall season, follow our helpful, easy-to-follow pond maintenance tips.

  • Prune yellowing leaves off all of your plants. Your lilies - tropical and hardy - should still be going strong, at least until the first heavy frost.
  • Stop fertilizing plants when the weather becomes cooler. This lets the plants know the season is coming to an end.
  • When the water temperature is around 50 degrees F, stop feeding your fish. If you continue to feed them, you might create health problems for your finned friends, since their digestive systems are beginning to slow down for the winter.
  • More tips on what to do before the hard freeze... Continue reading!!



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9/23/2016 Water Feature Trends, Challenges and Opportunities

Aquascape Sillway BowlGreat interview by Landscape and Irrigation of three industry experts about what's selling in water features. The takeaway? Small water features are easy to sell, easy to install and easy to maintain. It adds opportunities to also sell lighting. This is a good excuse to go back to past customers and expand their outdoor living installations.

Q: What are some trends for ponds and water features in 2016 and beyond?

Drew: Sound — to counter street or traffic noise — has been more frequently requested. You can utilize echo chambers to amplify sound. Also, these days, homes are closer together, with smaller lots, so space is at a premium. So small water features are a trend. Rock columns and boulders with water spilling into a rock bed, rather than a body of water, is often preferred for lower maintenance. Where water surface is preferred, skimmers with bio filters are recommended to collect surface debris before settling, while biologically controlling algae.

Rose: I think that the average person has such a busy life these days; they are looking for something that is low maintenance. They want the enjoyment of running water or water sounds when they are relaxing in their downtime, and this is where I think a “pondless” water feature fits right into their needs. They get the best of both worlds, the respite of water running, but no pond to clean.

Richard: Trends for ponds and water features moving into the future are for natural ponds and water features that are chemical-free and imitate nature. With technology saturating our lives, it is becoming more vital for people to be drawn outside and away from the buzz of the technical world. By creating wonderful outdoor spaces that allow for fun, relaxation and entertaining, as well as creating a haven for wildlife such as birds and frogs, it will be hard for people to want to go back inside.

Read more: http://landscapeirrigation.com/pond-and-water-feature-trends-challenges-and-opportunities/





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9/23/2016 Lawn & Landscape Article on Selling Lighting

This is a great article on how to position lighting with your customer. There are suggestions on how to avoid sticker shock, advice on leaving a demo, when to work on design and aiming and using LED rather than older technology.

"It’s the final touch in any outdoor space, and it’s the first thing customers tend to forget.

Landscape lighting can extend a homeowner’s enjoyment of their outdoor spaces late into the evenings and enhance the property’s best features, but many contractors find that selling it can be a challenge, says Andy Knutsen, owner of Knutsen Landscaping in Pennsylvania. “I get a lot of comments from customers that say they never really thought that much about lighting going in, but how happy they are about the lighting afterward,” Knutsen says.

Sell by example.
To help encourage that initial sale, contractors should give customers a preview of what the lighting will look like on their own property."

Read more: http://www.lawnandlandscape.com/article/spotlight-on-sales/





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9/2/2016 - NEW Thin Veneer Clay Brick

We have begun to stock several styles of thin veneer clay brick, or simply thin brick. Check out the product pages or download the brochure

Thin brick enables you to enhance your surfaces with the classic appearance of brick without requiring installation of an extra footing to support the weight. Regular full brick offers natural insulation and noise abatement, yet you can enjoy similar benefits with the thin veneer variety. 

Now you have more options and you don't have to sacrifice aesthetics for budget. Thin brick costs less to produce, it means lower expenses, it installs a bit faster, and it results in lower wear and tear on your installer (you or your mason) since it weighs much less. 

Talk to your Hedberg sales associate about your ideas for applications. 

Chatty Monks Pub Milwaukee thin brick wallNob Hill backsplash Thin Brick



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07/21/16 MWGS Flyer

MWGS FlyerMWGS Flyer



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07/21/2016 Plymouth Outdoor Inspiration Center Adds New Products

Plymouth Outdoor Inspiration Center Adds New Products

This past month has seen a lot of activity from contractors and their customers in the product showcase we’re building. Now the first phase of boulder walls, concrete pavers and retaining walls is complete and labeled for ease of use. Rochester Concrete Products recently added an example of its Vintage 6 retaining wall system, a versatile system that can do patios, walls and pedestals. They also installed a second pad with a display of the Necessories collection, a modular outdoor kitchen system, including a very popular outdoor oven that makes excellent wood-fired pizzas.

Keep checking back at Plymouth as we continue to roll out new products in the Outdoor Inspiration Center. For more Photos: Outdoor Inspiration Center

Now Open Sign Inspiration Center in Plymouth



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07/20/16 Another Successful Artisan Home Tour Wrapped Up

Another Successful Artisan Home Tour Wrapped Up

Last month (June 2016) we sponsored the Artisan Home Tour and we were sourced for 12 of the  22 new homes. Thank you to the builders, architects, designers, masons and landscape contractors who chose to work with us on these beautiful homes.

This year we saw many examples of Snow Trail installed for hearths and chimneys. Belgard pavers were popular for patios. Natural stone appeared in most of the homes, with both irregular and cut and patterned flagstone as a popular material for outdoor and three-season screened patios.

The Artisan Tour was also a great place for thousands of homeowners to get fresh ideas on interior design for remodeling or additions, outdoor living projects and general landscape projects.

Check out the Flickr gallery to see several examples of natural stone and paver applications.

Artisan Tour 2016



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07/11/2016 Minnesota Water Garden Society Pond Tour July 30 & 31, 2016

MWGS Contact:
651 653 3958
19th Annual Minnesota Water Garden Society Pond and Garden Tour
July 30/31, 2016

Each year on the last weekend in July, the nonprofit Minnesota Water Garden Society showcases a group of private ponds and gardens for the public to enjoy. The MWGS Tour, sponsored by Hedberg Supply, is a self-guided tour from 9 AM to 5 PM Saturday and Sunday, July 30 and 31.  

“Whether you are a ‘ponder’ or a gardener or just want to have an enjoyable day visiting other people’s ponds and gardens, we invite you to join us”, says MWGS President Gary De Grande.  

There are 13 gorgeous sites, grouped together to facilitate easy touring.  Locations include Richfield, Bloomington, Rosemount, Eagan, St. Paul, South St. Paul, Maplewood, Woodbury and Lake Elmo. MWGS members and the home owners will be on hand to share their experiences and answer your questions.  Come hear first-hand about not only the building of a pond (many sites were built by the owners) but also practical advice about pond maintenance and water gardening in general.  All sites have beautiful “regular” gardens, some with unique landscaping, in addition to the pond and water garden.   

The 2016 MWGS Tour is sponsored by Hedberg Supply, a leading supplier of landscape, masonry, and water gardening supplies with locations in Plymouth, Farmington, and Stillwater, including a garden center and nursery in Stillwater.  Water gardening champions from Hedberg Supply will be on hand at four sites to discuss your water gardening projects and maintenance needs.  

For more information regarding sites, as well as advance ticket purchase ($15) go to www.mwgs.org or call 612 803 POND(7663).  Tickets can also be purchased onsite the days of the tour for $20.




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6/23/2016 New Haven Mosquito Repellent System Now Available

Haven is a new system that consists of two types of mosquito repellent fixtures. One is a repellent fixture, the other is a repellent fixture plus LED lighting. Either one can run on Kichler transformers. Each fixture repels mosquitoes for an area of about 110 sqft. The fixtures free you from having to fog your yard or set out citronella candles.

Each bottle of repellent solution should last approximately 216 hours, or three months at an average of 2.4 hours per day. The system blinks at you when you're getting close to refill time.

Check out our web page on Haven, or watch the demo video on our YouTube channel

Right now is probably a very good time for contractors and homeowners to learn about this solution, because of concerns about mosquito-borne illnesses like Zika in the news lately. The Haven system repels all types of mosquitoes, including Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus, known carriers of the Zika virus.

It's also easy to possible to add onto an existing low-voltage light transformer, or to install on its own with a transformer and cable. 

Some best practices for installation. 

  • Place fixtures close to and surrounding sitting and activity areas as best as possible.
  • Install fixtures no more than 10 feet apart with no open areas without a fixture in place.
  • Do not install directly against a wall, and also do not install more than 5 feet away from the wall.
  • Keep free of plants and shrubs. The system has to “breathe” freely with no obstructions.
  • Do not install across grass since there likely will be mosquitoes in the grass already, and that would put them inside the protected area. Mosquitoes will return to the grass when the system is off. Keep fixtures close to user areas, not off in the lawn.
  • Don't underestimate the number of fixtures needed for the job.
  • Don’t mount at ground level. The system needs to have some distance (use the stem) from the ground.




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6/9/2016 Minnesota Water Garden Society Pond Tour July 30-31

The Minnesota Water Garden Society (www.mwgs.org) is a non-profit group of homeowners who are excited about all types of water features. MWGS coordinates an annual tour of member ponds, and this year Hedberg Supply is excited to be the exclusive Tour sponsor. The Tour is scheduled for Saturday, July 30 and Sunday, July 31.

In case you haven't been to a Hedberg Supply store, at all three of our retail locations we stock a wide range of equipment, water feature kits, supplies, aquatic plants and koi fish. We have Aquascape-trained specialists at each location. We offer free School of Rock DIY seminars on water feature construction, spring start-up and winter shut-down processes.

Our water gardening specialists will be staged at several of the homes on the Tour for both days. They'll have a special limited-time offer for attendees only!

Koi fish



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6/8/2016 Artisan Home Tour Opens Friday

Remember, the Artisan Home Tour runs 3 weekends this June. It’s a tour of luxury homes across the metro area that have been recently built or remodeled. Hedberg Supply is proud to be a journeyman sponsor and provided materials for many of these homes.

Twenty-two (22!) new homes are open June 10-12, 17-19 and 24-26, 2016 (Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays) from 12-6pm each day. Eight remodeled homes are open the final weekend of the tour, June 24-26 from 12-6pm.

Friday, June 10 and June 24 are Wine Nights. Friday, June 17 is Craft Beer Night.

TICKETS: advance tickets are $20.00 at any Holiday Station Store, or buy tickets online for $25.00. 

You can download an app, Parade Craze, to look into every house on the tour before you go. (iPhone app, Android app) 

NOTE: Check out their FAQ, it is essential for first-time tour goers!




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6/7/2016 Outdoor Living Centers - Inspiring Galleries

If you're a homeowner, architect, designer or contractor who is interested in installing outdoor kitchens, fire features, lighting and water features, you'll be pleased to note that we've been making some improvements. 

Below are some shots of our current Outdoor Living Center in Stillwater. Here we have three product "showcases" as well as a wide variety of running water features.

The first setting is a contemporary outdoor kitchen (using thin veneer masonry) with an integrated grill and cabinets, with a pub height counter and chairs, next to a large fireplace clad in thin veneer. Here's the fireplace: 

Whit Furniture Stillwater

The second setting has a base for a large grill using concrete pavers, surrounded by a cedar pergola, next to with a large fireplace and fountain. Here's the chairs and the grill head:


Striped Furniture

Third (not pictured in the gallery) we have an array of fireplaces. One of these fireplaces shows a cross section so you can see the layers of construction.

At Plymouth, we are undertaking to install a comprehensive outdoor inspiration center. Like Stillwater, we'll have product showcases, while also featuring extensive selection areas for concrete pavers and wall block, a natural stone selection area, multiple installed water features and functioning driveway pavers. 

We have created a short time-lapse video that shows the Plymouth Outdoor Inspiration Center under construction. It's available for professional customers to use today! You can bring your clients or contractors by to check out the Rochester and Belgard selection centers, or just enjoy the four fountains near the main entrance pergola!




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6/6/2016 Chanhassen Landscape Wholesale Yard Stocked!

The Chanhassen Landscape Wholesale yard is now stocked with aisles of natural stone, pallets of concrete pavers and walls, and virtually everything else you need for hardscape projects. 

Check out the gallery of images from a recent visit.

We're carrying all of these products and restocking them as needed:

  • Wall Stone
  • Flagstone
  • Stone Steps
  • Edging
  • Outcroppings
  • Bulk gravel and sand
  • Concrete pavers
  • Spikes & edging
  • Landscape fabric
  • Sealer and adhesive
  • Drainage supplies

We are located at the bend in road just south of Mustard Seed on Great Plains Boulevard, or MN 101, about two miles south of Highway 212. We're adding signs soon so we will be hard to miss. If you need to order materials for local pickup, call your usual sales person. If you want to call Chanhassen to check stock on hand, it's (952) 444-3531. 

When you are working in the southwest suburbs, don't drive across town. Save a trip, call us first.




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4/21/2016 Deep Dive Into Masonry Efflorescence

Dana Ditzenberger of Glen Gery visited Hedberg's Plymouth location back in early February for our Master Class Series contractor training event. Dana pointed us to some critical articles available on gobrick.com, the web site for the Brick Industry Association.

These two articles, Technical Note 23 and 23A, are outstanding pieces that go into great detail about the makeup of two common issues with brick masonry: stains and efflorescence. If you're seeing stains on your brick or you're trying to ensure that a new brick installation will drain well with minimal efflorescence, these articles are well worth reading.

It's important to draw a clear distinction between a stain that appears to be efflorescence from actual soluble salts efflorescing on a masonry installation. Both articles have photographs to illustrate the appearance of many types of stains and likely causes of water penetrating the masonry to create efflorescence.

The articles de-mystify the different possible causes and, especially in the case of new building bloom, also lay to rest concerns about efflorescence when it appears within the first year after construction. Tech Note 23A also talks about when coatings can prevent efflorescence, and when adding coatings without addressing the likely cause first might degrade the masonry.




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04/18/2016: Check out the Chanhassen Wholesale Pick Up Yard

OPEN MONDAY, APRIL 18: Chanhassen Pick Up Yard

We are happy to announce the opening of our Chanhassen Wholesale Pick Up Yard. It’s a convenience pick up yard just for contractors. Order your product through your local Hedberg sales rep, but pick it up close to your southwest area jobs.

10008 Great Plains Boulevard
Chaska MN 55318

This location is EXCLUSIVELY for contractors. We hope it will save you significant travel time and provide you with a superior customer service alternative in the southwest suburbs.

The Chanhassen Wholesale Pick Up Yard will be open from 7:00-4:30 Monday through Friday, closed Saturday and Sunday.

Orders can be placed in advance by calling the Farmington branch at (651) 423-5048.

Visit our web site to see a small map of the location. We’re located right next to a retail greenhouse and nursery, The Mustard Seed.

Remember to visit our Contractor Portal to see the latest promotions and specials!




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03/23/16 Get the Artisan Home Tour App

Once again, Hedberg Supply is sponsoring the Artisan Home Tour, which runs on weekends this June. If you haven’t been, it’s a tour of high-end homes across the metro area that have been recently built or remodeled. We estimate that this year Hedberg Supply will provide materials for as many as half of the homes.

New homes are open June 10-12, 17-19 and 24-26, 2016 (Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays) from 12-6pm each day.  Remodeled Homes are open the final weekend of the tour, June 24-26 from 12-6pm.

You can download an app, Parade Craze, to look into every house on the tour before you go. (iPhone app, Android app) It will have details about each house and builder, and a navigation tool to map your route. The Twin Cities Artisan Tour isn’t active yet, but you can install the app any time. When tickets become available, you can buy them through the app. NOTE: Check out their FAQ, it is essential for first-time tour goers!



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March 21, 2016 Plymouth and Stillwater Community Events

Plymouth and Stillwater Community Events

Homeowners and small businesses! Join us at these upcoming local events and start planning today!

Get awesome ideas and expert contacts for your next outdoor home improvement project (or interior masonry installation).
Stop by and pick up our latest product information and valuable coupons for your DIY purchases.

Plymouth Home Expo, April 8 and 9, Plymouth Creek Center Fieldhouse, 14800 34th Ave. N.
Friday hours are 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. and Saturday, 9:00a.m. to 1:00p.m.
Admission is FREE. View a list of participating vendors.
Plymouth Home Expo Logo


Stillwater Chamber Community Showcase, April 10, 2016, Stillwater Area High School, 5701 Stillwater Blvd North, Oak Park Heights.
Sunday only! Hours are 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Admission is also FREE.

Stillwater Showcase




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March 21, 2016 Hedberg Supply Education Day

Whew! Another successful Contractor Education Day in the books. Highly educational and informative, according to attendee evaluations!

Everyone received a new product catalog, a commemorative Ed Day T-shirt and we surprised contractors with a free Hedberg Supply/Belgard 5 gallon bucket just for attending!

As contractors poured into the Earle Brown Center, vendors and staff were busy registering attendees, directing traffic, mingling and handing out brochures and tchotchkes.  Steve’s introduction speech was inspiring as always.

Some seminars were standing room only. One highlight of the event was Belgard’s Tandem wall building contest. Whether you participated in the contest or were a spectator, it seemed to draw quite a crowd.

Another highlight was the return of the famous Italian sausage for lunch. Of course it was delicious!

This year Hedberg showcased some new products in their booth; bluestone planking, silver travertine flagstone and burgundy brown random wall stone. We had nearly 40 vendors this year; a remarkable turn out and a great opportunity for our contractors to network and get some of their preseason questions asked.

At the end of the event we had an exciting raffle with awesome prizes. Thank you to all of our vendors who donated and congratulations to the lucky winners!

Thanks for attending, and check out the gallery.



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Education Day is coming  Thursday, March 10

Every March we host our Contractor Education Day which kicks off the Contractor’s season! Be the first to get your hands on the 2016 Catalogs (prices in effect April 1st, 2016) and the commemorative T-shirt.
If you haven’t received your invitations, please log into the contractor portal and select “Contractor Education Day” for details or ask your sales representative. If you’re not a registered account with Hedberg, call us to get started!

Hedberg has been sponsoring Contractor Education Day for over 25 years, because we believe in helping our customers grow their businesses.

Months of preparation go into the biggest event of the year for Hedberg Supply. Employees from several areas of the company come together to think of new ways to make the next Contractor Education Day more enjoyable than the year before.
Choosing speakers is a task that can be exciting and challenging all at the same time. While making sure we have enough speakers, the sense of honor knowing that these speakers want to come back again and again is inspiring to us. We have increased the number of speakers to 12 over the past ten years.
We also invite all the past vendors to return and showcase and educate contractors on products that Hedberg Supply offers. This is a time to ask questions and network.
We recently sent out invitations via e-mail and/or first class mail. This day has become so popular that contractor’s look forward to coming to the event every year.
Come for the education and get breakfast and lunch! We start out your morning with a continental breakfast and get you geared up for what’s to come. After a few classes come back for a scrumptious lunch! Guess what?  The SAUSAGE is back! The ever so popular Italian sausage is back on the menu.
See you there.



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02/16/2016 Hedberg Supply to Exhibit at Minnesota Home & Patio Show

Join us at the annual Minnesota Home & Patio Show, February 18-21, which is Thursday through Sunday at the Saint Paul River Centre. 

Our products will be displayed at "The Trending Feature", located in the Roy Wilkins Auditorium: the booth areas are 790 and 793.

This year we are featuring our Naturally Affordable Thin Veneer Stone and reclaimed wood. Natural stone, billions of years old, is ideal for cladding for vertical applications such as your home exterior, commercial properties, and interior or exterior fireplace surrounds. 

Our reclaimed wood is very adaptable at an affordable price. Use it for a backsplash or sides of a kitchen island, interior walls for a porch, and wall wainscoting in a mudroom. The options are endless and the product is easy to work with.

At The Trending Feature there will be literature illustrating the many ways Hedberg Supply is a one-stop location for masonry, landscaping, ponds, and other exciting products to make your project beautiful on the exterior and the interior.




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02/12/2016 Build a Water Feature

Join Hedberg Supply and Aquascape for an all-day training event!

BUILD: During this one-day seminar you'll learn simple step-by-step processes for installing THREE popular water features: a Pondless Waterfall, a bubbling fountain and a small 5' pond.

We will be hands-on in a semi-heated warehouse, so dress warmly and be prepared to get dirty!

PROFIT: During the classroom segment, you will also learn how to effectively market, bid with confidence, and grow your water feature business line without leaving money on the table.

Whether you're new to water features or simply eager to learn more, you'll feel confident installing waterfalls and fountains for your customers after attending this seminar.

Eliminate guesswork and watch your water feature business take off. Overcome your concerns for the unknown and be well on your way to healthy profits with new insights into opportunities that will keep your revenue flowing!

8:00 am Registration, Rolls and Coffee 8:30 am Training Begins
12:00 pm Lunch
4:00 pm Training Concludes
Cost: $35.00/person, includes lunch



Our registration cost is used to offset some materials costs and is non-refundable.



Your Name:



2/12/2016 Hedberg to Exhibit at Minneapolis Home & Garden Show

We will return again to the Minneapolis Convention Center for the annual Home & Garden Show, February 26-28 and March 4-6, which are both Friday-Saturday-Sunday weekends. Visit us at booth #1225 – we are on the corner of the Idea Home feature amongst the featured gardens exhibits.

This year we’re putting the focus on creating a backyard oasis, with water features, retaining walls, kitchen elements like an outdoor pizza oven, stone crafts, gabion walls and several new new concrete products! We’re introducing some new product lines in the paver and retaining wall categories as well as selling exciting stone crafts right in the booth.

If you follow our Facebook page [new window] you may have seen a link to purchase discounted tickets to the Show. Buy online and get $3 off each ticket.

If you are planning to attend, try to go first thing in the morning so that you have the best shot at convenient parking. Metro Transit is actually offering FREE RIDES for Home & Garden attendees all the days of the show! Sign up for your free tickets.



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01/26/2016 Master Class Series Kick Off


Master Class Series

Are you a professional contractor or mason? If so, you and your crew can get a jump start on the 2016 season by expanding or refreshing your skills.
This winter Hedberg Supply has partnered with several vendors and created a Master Class Series.

Join us this January and February for HANDS-ON contractor training at Hedberg’s Plymouth location. Classes are open to all Hedberg Supply professional customers in good standing. Each class includes lunch and giveaways. Registration is FREE but SPACE IS LIMITED.

The classes offered are listed below:
Tuesday, January 26, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Tuesday, February 2, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Wednesday, February 3, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Tuesday, February 9, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Thursday, February 11, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Wednesday, February 17, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Thursday, February 18, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Interested pros can register through the contractor portal.

***Some of the classes have past the date to register and some classes may be full or are no longer available to register. These Classes are for Contractors only!



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01/25/16 The Northern Green EXPO

We showcased new products from Rochester Concrete Products and Belgard in our booth. We also featured some new boulders and outcroppings at the campfires, which were both very popular features at different points inside the expo. Our booth was frequently said to be “The best we’ve ever had” and I would have to agree. We had a consistent stream of people both customers and other vendors. The natural stone boulders, gabion accent walls and paver driveway and patio all tied together wonderfully and got everyone’s attention. I think overall it was a success.



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Northern Green Expo 2016

We’re featuring a few new products at the show: Rochester Concrete Products’ Minnetonka pavers, Belgard’s Tandem Wall system and Moduline pavers for starters.

We just announced that we’re opening a new location, the Hedberg Wholesale Pickup Yard in Chanhassen. This will help our customers with projects in the southwest. It’s exclusively for wholesale customers.

While you’re visiting, you can reserve your seat for the 2016 Contractor Education Day, coming March 10, and learn about our Master Class Series contractor hands-on training, running January and February.

Check out the photos of our staff and some customers at the booth.


2016 Green EXPO



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01/11/2016 Hedberg Supply Announces 26th Annual Contractor Education Day Conference

We just announced our upcoming 26th annual Education Day, March 10th at the Earle Brown Center. If you’re interested in registering, you can reserve your seat at any of our locations or stop by our booth at Northern Green Expo this week, Wednesday through Friday at the Minneapolis Convention Center. We’re exhibiting at booth #1207.


Hedberg Supply Announces 26th Annual
Contractor Education Day Conference

January 11, 2016, Plymouth, MN

Hedberg Supply, the Twin Cities’ top landscape and masonry supplier, today announced that it will host its 26th annual Contractor Education Day conference at the Earle Brown Heritage Center in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota on Thursday, March 10 from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

The conference consists of a full day of educational seminars led by industry experts. It includes a trade show with more than 30 vendors and service providers who serve the landscape, masonry and water gardening industries.  

“We’re pleased to continue the tradition of bringing our customers relevant training and vital technical and business information to help them be more successful,” said founder and president Steve Hedberg. “This marks the 26th year that we’ve produced this event, and it’s our challenge to continuously improve the quality and usefulness of every seminar. We’ve expanded the range of exhibitors to include many service providers whom we know to be critical to successful business operations, staffing and marketing.”

“We’ve presented seminars and exhibited at Education Day since its inception,” said Tony Mueller of Buechel Stone Corp., who is both a conference exhibitor and a past presenter. “Each year we hear from attendees that they learned something valuable that they can take back to their teams and ultimately grow their business in the coming season. It’s also a prime opportunity for business owners and professionals to network with each other, meet vendors and service providers face-to-face, ask us questions and provide invaluable feedback.”

Education Day is open to all metro area and western Wisconsin landscape contractors, masons, architects, designers, and home builders. Interested parties can register in person at any Hedberg Supply location and over the phone. Registered Hedberg accounts can also reserve a seat through the Hedberg web site’s Contractor portal. Early registration costs $35 per person, or $25 per person for reservations of four or more people, and covers access to all conference seminars as well as breakfast and lunch, plus vendor giveaways. 

Hedberg Education Day



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A Year in Review 2015

A year in Review with Hedberg Supply!

In March Hedberg Supply celebrated their 25th annual Contractor Education Day! A full day of learning, networking and a kick off to the season of creating and building projects. President and owner Steve Hedberg welcomed all attendees and spoke about business, commitment and great service he then introduced the keynote speaker; Gary Ross, from Oldcastle.  Gary spoke with a fluid mobility and told stories like uncle Frank did back when you were young, captivating, funny and wise. Contractors were at liberty to attend classes, seminars and visit vendor booths. Then could learn about products Hedberg Supply would distribute during the impending season. While networking and spending time with their crew, contractors enjoyed a scrumptious breakfast, and for lunch what seemed an endless buffet of mouth-watering food and finally afternoon goodies of cookies, bars and fruit.  Before the contractors headed out with full bellies, additional knowledge, a T-shirt and the new Hedberg Supply catalog, they had the opportunity to walk out with one of numerous prizes donated by supporting vendors. Hedberg Supply is once again putting on the 26th annual Contractor Education Day which is slotted for March 10th, 2016 Register now!

Visiting the trade show events that feature Hedberg Supply is the first chance to meet our sales staff and see how we provide excellent customer service and conduct business. Hedberg Supply participates in the MNLA Northern Green EXPO, the Minneapolis Home & Garden Show and BATC Builders & Remodelers Show in the early part of the year. Booth’s we use for displays are built in house and assembled at the shows. Several of Hedberg Supply’s employees take part in building a display that not only feature our products but creates an inviting place where our customers would want to come home to. Hence our favorite tagline “Come home to Hedberg”.

Tours throughout the season have given Hedberg Supply an opportunity to mix in with the community. Showcasing our products and how they can be used. Hedberg Supply participated in the Artisan Home Tour and the Luxury Home Tour.

Hedberg Supply takes great pride in making customers feel great! We served up some appreciation to contractors in October at all three locations with an old fashioned BBQ. We were able to provide contractors a lunch, t-shirt and some good olé conversation. It’s gratifying to get to know customers on a more personal level.

Hedberg supply’s DIY sessions, now named “School of Rock” were more popular in 2015 than they have been for a while. Our most popular this past season was the water feature seminars. Every Wednesday from 5-7PM we shared coffee, lemonade and cookies to all the seminar attendees. All the instructors volunteer their time to educate, answer questions pertaining to the class. We like to believe that each attendee is grateful for the DIY sessions.

Hedberg Supply hosted many events, the Summer Night Out was a new event surrounding Architects, Designers and Builders. Hosted in Mid-August along with Hedberg Supply’s sales staff the guests were treated with hors d'oeuvres, drinks, and a trolley ride around Hedberg Supply’s landscape and Masonry yard. Live background music to create an inviting ambiance pf networking and casual conversation. President and owner Steve Hedberg announced the “Showroom Showdown” contest open to all professional contractors, Architects, Designers and Builders. The contest ran for roughly three months, in November Meriwether Felt, AIA, of Meriwether, Inc. was chosen as the winner of a vacation worth up to $3000.

Rounding out the year the Hedberg Supply family gather together and celebrated the holidays. We also are excited to learn what our 2016 will bring, and continue to strive for excellent customer service, and best business practices.  Thank you, for being part of the Hedberg Supply family!  We cannot wait to serve you again.



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12/11/2015 Aquascape's 300W Pond De-Icer

Although we are having a mild ride into winter, freezing temps are impending. If you plan to leave your fish in your pond over the winter months you can benefit from using Aquascape’s 300W Pond De-Icer

It uses 300 watts, which is equivalent to 3 bright light bulbs. The video below shows a few simple instructions to install and remove the de-icer and a few tips for picking a time to install and proper cleaning.

Hedberg Supply is an authorized supplier of Aquascape products at all three locations; Farmington, Plymouth and Stillwater. We also host School of Rock DIY Seminars (at all locations) during the warmer months that highlight Pond Start Up and Winterization Pond and Shut Down.


Aquascape's 300W Pond De-Icer videoAquascape's 300W Pond De-Icer




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12/3/2015 Showroom Showdown Winner Announced

We are happy to announce the winner of our Showroom Showdown contest is Meriwether Felt, AIA, of Meriwether, Inc. She sent clients to our Masonry Selection Center where they researched and found the perfect natural stone blend for the exterior of their home. Meriwether was excited to discover that she was chosen. Meriwether has won many awards for her residential projects. You can see her work at www.meriwetherinc.com and on her Houzz.com profile, http://www.houzz.com/pro/meriwether/meriwether-inc. As the contest winner, she and a guest are being treated to  to a Palm Springs, California vacation, courtesy of Hedberg Supply.

Read more about our contest winner here




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2/14/18 - Hellebores: Spring's First Blooming Perennial








By: Brenda Neuenfeldt




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11/24/15 Hedberg Volunteers at AIA Convention

Hedberg Volunteers at AIA Convention

The 81st AIA Minnesota Annual Convention and Exhibition took place on Thursday, November 12, 2015. Hedberg’s Jacqui Plasha and Tom Griebler volunteered to staff the ASLA-MN landscaping booth at the exhibition.

The 2015 AIA convention exists to educate architects, allowing them to attend sessions and earn CEU’s. Vendors at the booths were showcasing architectural products and attendees included students, architects, and landscape designers.

There were many networking opportunities, keynote speakers and educational programs so when sessions were running the convention room was empty. This was a three-day event and a great opportunity for students to meet up with mentors in the field.  




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11/24/15 2016 Artisan Tour

The 2016 Artisan Tour kicked off on November 11th at 4 Bells restaurant in Minneapolis. Two of our Hedberg sales representatives, Jacqui Plasha and Lance Ortlepp, were in attendance.

The turnout was phenomenal for this event! Among the attendees were owners and decision makers. Currently, there are six builders committed to the Artisan Tour with three that are more than semi-committed.  

Hedberg is a Journeyman sponsor for the Artisan home tour this year. Networking for Hedberg was critical, as we were the only stone supplier present. Buying stone from Hedberg was definitely encouraged. Between Jacqui and Lance we were able to socialize with a majority of the key players at the event.

All in all the kick off was successful for everyone!



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11/23/15 Buechel Stone Quarry Process

Ever wonder what quarries look like? Or how stone is taken out of the quarry?

Some people’s preconceived notion of a quarry comes straight out of the Flintstones cartoon; Just a deep hole with steep mountains of rock and stone as far as the eye can see. Dinosaurs and cavemen in bare feet working from sunset to sundown.

From popular media we may see cranes as high as a 12 story building, bulldozers as big as a house, dump trucks, and semi-trucks lined up 15 deep. A small village of workers living in trailers.

In fact, quarrying is a thoughtful and strategic process. Buechel Stone created a great video that puts to rest some misconceptions of the quarrying process  and shows how they takes steps to make it environmentally friendly.

This Buechel Stone video (https://youtu.be/qUQVQAQaUXc) includes how the blasting process works from the explosion and extraction to the completion of a project showcasing the stone.

Buechel Stone Quarry



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10/30/2015 Water Feature Winterization

Winter is fast approaching! As beautiful as snow and ice can look, make no mistake the cold can be tough, especially on plants, bushes and even water features. This means it is time to prepare for the impending freeze. The weather here in Minnesota can change drastically within a few hours, so being prepared can be vital to the survival of projects you have worked so hard on over the past season(s). Aquascape ® has posted a video to assist in protecting your water feature and Koi fish over the winter. (https://youtu.be/Oql2550YZl0)

We here at Hedberg Supply have expert staff at all three locations that can answer additional questions you may have about pond winterization. We are a distributor of Aquascape products as well. Give us a call at 763-545-4400.

Did you know that you can continue to keep your water feature running all winter?  Included in the Aquascape video are tips to keep it running smooth and not freeze up. You will need to keep a closer eye on your water feature if kept running all winter, but the season gives it a gorgeous picturesque appearance with a blanket of snow and some chiseled ice.

Keep us in mind for the end of next fall, we provide FREE DIY Seminars at all three locations for water feature winterization. Our instructor goes over the process to ensure your water feature is shut down properly.  In the spring we kick of the season with a spring pond start up DIY seminar. To make sure you have the DIY Schedule for 2016 and/or newsletter, sign up is a snap: http://goo.gl/CK8sXa



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10/30/2015 Outdoor Living

Our summer took its sweet time arriving this year.  Before we knew it, it was time to buy back-to-school clothes and take in the cabin’s dock.  If our summer flew by too fast for you, there are ways of extending our summer’s warmth – with fire.

Fire Ring
We are all familiar with the in-ground fire pit.  They are typically made with a 36″ corrugated fire ring.  You dig down about 12″, place the ring in the center of the hole, and line the bottom with 3/8″ white limestone, pea gravel or sand.  Fill in the sides around the fire ring with dirt.  For the “Up North” feel, place 6-12″ field boulders around the fire ring or you may use pavers as pictured above.



For a more upscale look, you’ll want to consider a fire boulder.  These are truly a one-of-a-kind fire pit – because every boulder is unique.  Typically sold as a kit, you get a carved boulder, a stainless steel burner, stainless steel flex line, key valve and lava rock.  Your fuel would be from a hidden propane tank or a natural gas line – running through the flex line to your boulder.

Fire Boulder



These fire boulders are gorgeous, quite a conversation piece and they give off a ton of warmth for those chilly fall nights.





Another fire choice gaining in popularity each year is the outdoor wood-burning brick oven.  Sometimes called a pizza oven. Anything you can bake in your kitchen oven (breads, meats, etc.), you can bake in your outdoor brick oven and you can use it year round, too!


Another fire choice is the outdoor fireplace.  This option has been around for years, of course, but now it is typically part of a total outdoor living area.  These outdoor rooms combine all the elements together – paver patio, seating wall, water feature, fireplace, brick oven, fire ring and outdoor furniture and even sometimes, an outdoor HD television.

For more ideas, go to www.hedbergrocks.com



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10/13/15 Minnetonka Lakefront Home

Front Entrance
This Minnetonka Lakefront house uses a wide variety of Hedberg products to add texture and depth to the finishes. Mahogany natural stone border edging frames flowers, shrubs and trees on the curb side of the home. A bubbling water feature near the front entrance, consisting of a trio of basalt columns, creates a warm and welcoming feeling. The footpath leading to the front entrance uses large, Mahogany natural stone steps along with Cut and Patterned New York Bluestone. A natural cleft, full color Bluestone was chosen; the blue pieces were removed to keep with the earth tones encompassing the property.

The grand driveway features Slaton Plus pavers in Blu Iron and Charleston pavers in Cambray Tan. The exterior of the home is veneered in a gorgeous custom natural stone blend that includes Bristol Mountain, a thin veneer stone from Hedberg’s Naturally Affordable® line. Mahogany wall rock hugs the front, sides and waterfront back of the home.

The outdoor living area located on the lower level displays a beautiful double-sided fireplace veneered in the home’s custom natural stone blend. Here you will also find Black Hills Rustic flagstone and a lovely side table topped with Chestnut cut stone. A premium rustic gabion firetable completes the space and features a stunning Brentwood cut stone top.

The elegance and beauty of natural stone continues indoors. A room made to entertain, located just inside of the outdoor living area, showcases Ozark Ledge thin veneer on both the fireplace and backsplash of the bar. Ozark Ledge is also part of Hedberg’s Naturally Affordable® line.

Outdoor living space fireplace and fire table

Visit the case study gallery. (opens in new window)



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9/30/2015: Contractor Appreciation BBQ

2015 Contractor Appreciation Barbecues
Hedberg kicked off the annual contractor appreciation BBQ at the Stillwater location on the last Thursday of September. Hedberg employees grilled and served a delicious lunch in the greenhouse shelter, which included, burgers, pulled pork, sides, soda and cookies for dessert.  Among the vendors and employees were new and long-standing contractors who enjoyed humble conversations with staff and vendors.  

The next Thursday, Plymouth had its turn to appreciate new and longstanding customers along with former employees that are now our customers. This time around Hedberg Catered in a wonderful lunch from Famous Dave’s while the Hedberg team graciously made sure no left hungry. All participants walked away with a long sleeved grey T-shirt, perfect timing with upcoming cooler temps.  

If you were not able to attend, please contact your sales manager for a T-shirt. We closed the BBQ tour at our Farmington location again grilling burgers and brats for our customers who continually support Hedberg.  Stories told about past and present learning about their families and upcoming jobs, is all worth the time spent making sure our customers are well taken care of. Look out for us next year on the 2016 BBQ Contractor Appreciation Tour! Thank you, to our delightful vendors: Anchor, Buechel, Kichler, Montana Rockworks, Prinsco, Rochester Concrete Products, SRW and Techniseal.

Plymouth bbq

Plymouth BBQ

Stillwater and Farmington BBQ



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9-11-2015 New Naturally Affordable Stone Brochure

We just printed a new brochure that illustrates the selection of natural stone we have available. There are dozens of other varieties that can be special ordered.

Our Naturally Affordable brand line of thin veneer stone is ideal for vertical outdoor applications and it is called such because it is cost-equivalent to manufactured stone. When you want to build for the most durable installation and the least amount of fading, natural stone is the only solution.

Download the Naturally Affordable Thin Veneer Stone brochure here.



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9-11-2015 Halquist Hosts Successful Lunch & Learn for Architects

On Tuesday, September 8, Halquist hosted a lunch & learn at BKV Group. Led by Ed Frommung, the session was aimed primarily at architects and designers, but was also open to contractors, engineers and masons. The focus was on Wisconsin Limestone and how it can be deployed in buildings and hardscapes.

Hedberg Supply was in attendance as well and we took a few shots of the proceedings. The takeaways from this event were how the material is quarried, the available faces and finishes, how best to plan a project around the stone, and why natural stone is preferable to manufactured.

AIA architects who attended received CEUs equivalent to 1 Health-Safety-Welfare (HSW)/Sustainable Design (SD) learning unit, and everyone got a free lunch!

Halquist Lunch & Learn September 8 2015

Halquist hosted Lunch & Learn September 8 2015



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9-1-2015: Last School of Rock Seminars This Month!

Our School of Rock seminar series has been more popular this year than ever before. We encourage you to register for the final two seminars of the 2015 season.

Plymouth: Wednesday, September 16, 5:00 p.m.

Basic Installation of Masonry Thin Veneer. This session will be invaluable if you are adding veneer to a column, a fireplace surround, a back splash or other similar project.

Plymouth, Stillwater and Farmington: Wednesday, September 23, 5:00 p.m.

Pond Winterization and Shutdown. Get the basics on how to properly winterize or shut down your pond to preserve all flora and fauna, as well as your systems.

Please visit our School of Rock page to register for one or both sessions!



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8-31-2015: Annual Contractor Appreciation Barbecues Scheduled

Our annual Contractor Appreciation Barbecues are scheduled for all three Hedberg locations! Stop by over lunch from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., rain or shine!

Stillwater: Thursday, September 24

Plymouth: Thursday, October 1

Farmington: Thursday, October 8

Be sure to stick around to meet your local Hedberg sales and customer service team as well as representatives from many of our popular product lines. Get your free Hedberg logo long sleeved t-shirt!



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8-15-2015: Rochester Paver Blowout

If you have been to our Facebook site or one of our branch locations recently, you have probably seen our ongoing Rochester Concrete Products paver blowout special.

Our friends at Rochester delivered six cookouts over lunch hours at all three Hedberg locations in the month of August - and we're thinking about one or two more in September. Stay tuned!

From now through October 31, when you buy any RCP pavers, you'll get 12% off book pricing. This 12% also applies to Pave Edge and Pave Edge Pro aas well as 10" and 12" spikes, to support your project.

Check out the RCP paver selection here. (opens in new window)



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8-14-2015: Showroom Showdown Contest

We just announced a vacation contest for our architects, designers and masons!


The “Showroom Showdown” is an opportunity for all contractors, architects, designers and masons to bring their customers or clients in to review options and make selections by November 30, 2015.

For each completed selection sheet by a qualified customer, Hedberg will give the professional customer an entry in a drawing for a five-day, four night winter vacation for two in one of two popular destinations.


One winner will choose between vacations in Ft. Myers, Florida or Palm Springs, California. The vacation package has an approximate value of $3,000 and includes hotel, round-trip airfare for two and a rental car.

To enter the contest, contractors, architects, designers and masons should send their qualified customers between now and November 30 to Hedberg’s Masonry Selection Centers at either Plymouth or Stillwater locations, both open Monday through Saturday. Times may be reserved directly at the Plymouth Selection Center by calling (763) 225-0551 direct.


Customers must complete a valid selection sheet with a Hedberg team member and clearly indicate the professional’s name as the professional and/or service provider. The last date for valid selection sheets to be turned in to the Masonry Selection Center is Monday, November 30 at 5:00pm Central. Selection sheets received after November 30 will not be eligible.

Eligibility. The contest is open to all Hedberg professional wholesale customers and no purchase is necessary to participate. Qualified selection sheets are determined at the discretion of Hedberg management whose judgment is final. Employees, immediate family members and subsidiaries of Hedberg and its customers are not eligible to complete selection sheets.

Drawing. The winner will be chosen at random from all qualified entries on Thursday, December 3 and announced that day via email, Facebook and Twitter. Winning participants agree to be photographed and featured in Hedberg media communications.

Booking. Travel must be booked no later than December 31 with 21 or more days advance purchase. Hedberg reserves the right to award a forfeited prize to another eligible entrant via a second random drawing. Travel must be completed by March 31, 2016.

Registration. For questions about our Masonry Selection Centers, or, to register as a professional customer, professional customers may contact their Hedberg sales representative or call one of Hedberg’s three Twin Cities locations: Plymouth, (763) 545-4400; Stillwater, (651) 748-3158; Farmington, (651) 423-5048. Email helpful@hedbergsupply.com for more information.




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